A lovely surprise at Lavender Bay, Sydney

As I was scrolling through my photos during lockdown, I was amazed to find this and realise that it's easy to get lost amongst the crowd. That is, when one has so many photos. When I found this image, I thought what a lovely surprise that the seagull appeared in this photo.

Seagull at Lavender Bay, Sydney

When the opportunity popped up to partake in the 'Dreams2Live4' "Feathers and Dreams" online art exhibition hosted by Diversarty gallery, I decided to enter this photo because it included the seagull. 50% of the sale of each artwork will go to the charity. The exhibition is open until end of this month. You can make a bidding for any of the featured artworks. You can see my listing for the exhibition here.


Why I love this photo featuring the seagull at Lavender Bay, Sydney?

This photo reminds me of the spontaneity of life. I was amazed that I was able to have the seagull in this image without having it fly off. I had to be careful to not get too close to the seagull. Because they're part of our coastal city, I also thought that it would be lovely to have them featured against the blue hues which adds a more lively coastal feel. It's a refreshing feeling to have found this image in the midst of all the other images. 


Getting to Lavender Bay, Sydney

By car

Limited street parking on Lavender St and Lavender Crescent.


By public transport

A lovely short and scenic walk from Milsons Point wharf via Sydney's Luna Park. Also a short stroll from North Sydney station via Blue St and Walker St. 


Some local popular cafes near Lavender Bay, Sydney

Breadworks Cafe - a popular cafe amongst the locals located along Blues Point Road. I've seen many stopping there after a lovely walk around the harbour.

Billi's Cafe - another popular local cafe that's open for takeaway everyday. Located in an old style terrace along Blues Point Road. 


Popular local highlights at Lavender Bay, Sydney

  • Luna Park near Milsons Point wharf - Sydney's most iconic amusement park. A popular tourist destination;
  • the scenic Lavender Bay walk which includes the Lavender Bay wharf - a relaxing stroll that offers panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and city skyline. You can walk there from Milsons Point wharf;
  • Bradfield Park (under the Sydney Harbour Bridge) - a great hangout or picnic.


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Love Karen

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Karen is the creative founder and photographer of Let There Be Life Photo who loves capturing Sydney and creating happy memories of her hometown. She turns beautiful images into wall art prints for Sydney lovers. If you love this pic, check out more of her photos featuring Blues Point and McMahons Point, Kirribilli and Lavender Bay in Sydney.

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