Best places to see autumn trees in northern Sydney

While winter is well underway in Sydney, you can still catch some of the leaves changing colours from autumn. Enjoy checking out the orange, red, mustard and brown hues. Feel a sense of calm while strolling around on a cold day in northern Sydney.

North Sydney

Ridge St (near St Leonards Park)

There happens to be a vintage-looking brick wall with those beautiful-looking autumn leaves connected together with vines and branches. Rather than having a crisp-looking image, I wanted to create an image that has some blur motion. And there it was.  

Autumn leaves on brick wall along Ridge St, North Sydney

It was a windy day when I captured this image. That's why I was able to create this effect. I think it makes this image look more dreamy.


Bay Road

I love seeing smaller autumn trees outside older-looking apartment blocks. And I happened to come across this one as shown below.

Autumn tree on Bay Road, North Sydney

Since the colours of the building facades were mainly white or brown, it was lovely to see fall hues compliment nicely with the architectural surroundings. 



Scott Crescent Reserve

When I noticed and captured this tree, I felt as if I was looking at a colour palette comprising of olive greens, yellows, reds and orange hues.  

Autumn tree in Scott Crescent Reserve in Roseville, Sydney

Even though there were some steep hills, I felt photographing this tree was worth my time. Sometimes I love more bushy-looking trees in the midst of Sydney suburbia with patches of colour scattered everywhere. 

Little Digger Park

Since I find myself passing by there so often, I found myself enamoured by this red-looking tree in Roseville. I was so determined to capture it this time. A hidden gem in the Sydney suburbs.  

Autumn tree in Little Digger Park in Roseville, Sydney

North Ryde

Macquarie University

Despite the current winter season, there were some gorgeous-looking autumn trees, like this one below. This tree was at the back of the university's Lighthouse Theatre. Very nice to see a full-looking tree next to the bare-looking trees. 


Autumn tree near the Lighthouse Theatre at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

And I stumbled across a tree that also overlooks towards the rolling green hills and the lake, as shown below.

Red autumn tree overlooking towards the lake and hills at Macqaurie University in Sydney, Australia

Having seen the abundance of autumn trees that are now bare-looking, I am determined to check out these trees again in the next fall season during May. That is, when most of the trees would be fuller. 


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Love Karen


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