Best Places to see the Jacarandas in Eastern Sydney - The Redleaf Pool (aka Murray Rose Pool)

Where are the best places to see the jacarandas in eastern Sydney? With the warmer season approaching, you'll love the Redleaf pool (aka Murray Rose pool) for two reasons:

  1. Great place to swim with ample room;
  2. Fabulous coastal views with the purple blossoms;
  3. Easily accessible via public transport.

I'm showing a photo selection that capture the beauty of the Redleaf pool, particularly during the purple season.

Jacaranda tree blossoms at the Murray Rose pool

I love how the above image has a nice contrast of blue hues against the purple blossoms and heritage-style apartment blocks. I also love seeing the numerous yachts in the background. These sailing boats add life to the image. It's also lovely that I can see some sand behind the bushes as well which gives it a more beachy feel. 

Photo print of the jacaranda tree at the Redleaf Pool

I photographed this image from the verandah near the Woollahra Council Chambers. I emphasise the horseshoe shape of the harbourside pool with the jacarandas. I loved the colour combination of the turquoise ocean water with the purple. It's also lovely seeing the sailing boats in the background as well.

Check out my time lapse video of me capturing the jacarandas at The Redleaf pool.


Sandy shoreline at the Redleaf pool

As you can see in the above image, notice how extensive the sandy shoreline is. I love how the blue sky contrasts beautifully with the sand colour and local flora. I love seeing kids having fun sunbaking on the floating devices. Even though this pool is in Sydney, I feel as if I'm on summer holidays already. That is, by looking at this image. 

Boardwalk at Murray Rose pool (aka Redleaf pool)

This image has to be one of my favourites for two reasons. Firstly, the blue sky and green turquoise colour of the water compliment beautifully. Secondly, the boardwalk leads your eye to the green grass and heritage-style apartments. I find the cylindar-like structure with the windows quite fascinating because it's like a slio with windows. 


Best local cafe at the Redleaf pool

The Redleaf cafe

The Redleaf cafe is always popular with the swimmers and locals. It's just located near the steps leading to the pool, as shown in the image below.

The Redleaf pool cafe overlooking towards to pool

This cafe offers panoramic views of the sailing boats floating on the harbour. Anyone sitting at the verandah can also enjoy the jacarandas in front of the balcony. I've noticed numerous people grabbing their morning coffees, breakfast and lunch there. A nice way to end your swim. 


Popular local highlights near the Redleaf pool

Gladswood Gardens

This beautiful garden is located right next to the Redleaf. If you're simply after some time to relax alone or with friends, the Gladswood Gardens is a perfect spot to unwind, especially on a warm day. A great spot to lie in the shade and read a book. 
Gladswood Gardens in Double Bay, Sydney

Above: View of Gladswood Gardens in Double Bay

Nielsen Park

Nielsen Park is another great spot to swim and relax. It's perfectly located in the heart of Vaucluse with picturesque views of the harbour and Shark Beach. Lovely harbourside cafe and picnic spot too.

View of Shark Beach at Nielsen Park in Vaucluse, Sydney

Above: View of Shark Beach at Nielsen Park in Vaucluse, Sydney 

Watsons Bay

A lovely harbourside suburb of Sydney with gorgeous views of the harbour from Camp Cove and Watsons Bay Beach, and the Hornby Lighthouse. Watsons Bay is also a popular place to see the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Easily accessible via bus and ferry. 

Sunset over Sydney Harbour from Camp Cove Beach, Watsons Bay

Above: Sunset over Sydney Harbour from Camp Cove Beach, Watsons Bay 

How to get to the Redleaf pool

536 New South Head Rd, Double Bay

Stair access from New South Head Rd

Getting to the Redleaf pool via car

Limited parking next to the council chambers, especially during business hours. Best time to park is after hours on weekdays. Free parking on weekends next to the council chambers. Limited street parking also available. 

Getting to the Redleaf pool via public transport

Take the 324, 325 or 326 bus that stops outside the Woollahra Council building and walk down the steps.

Alternatively, you can catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Double Bay wharf. From Double Bay wharf, walk along Bay St. Turn right at William St. Continue onto New South Head Rd. 


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Love Karen

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