Ever seen the Sydney Opera House at sunset?

Whether you have or haven't, feel like you're experiencing it now again or for the first time ever. 

When I captured this scene, I felt as if I was experiencing something phenomenal and surreal. At that time, I happened to be at Captain Henry Waterhouse Reserve near Jeffrey Street wharf in Kirribilli.

Sydney Opera House at sunset

I was happy that I caught the iconic Sydney ferry in this shot because they form such a big part of our harbour city. I loved experiencing the beauty of the harbour by riding on those ferries. I would find it hard to imagine Sydney without the opera house. I don't think the city's impact as a global city would be the same as where we are now. 


Why I love this image of the Sydney Opera House at sunset?

This image reminds me of the pre-covid days of Sydney where I could go around and photograph any beautiful and scenic without any restrictions. The Sydney ferry featured in this image tell a story about the coastal city. People just went out and about like there was no tomorrow. The clouds gives an impression of the sky being painted with warm colours. 


Getting to Captain Henry Waterhouse Reserve, Kirribilli

Via public transport

A short walk from Milsons Point station when walking down Broughton Street past Bradfield Park. Or you can walk from Milsons Point ferry wharf across Bradfield Park.

Via car

Limited street car parking available.


Other nearby highlights

  • the famous Dr Mary Booth Lookout Reserve along Waruda Street in Kirribilli - a nice little spot with fabulous views of Sydney Harbour;

  • Luna Park near Milsons Point wharf - Sydney's most iconic amusement park. A popular tourist destination;
  • the scenic Lavender Bay walk which includes the Lavender Bay wharf - a relaxing stroll that offers panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and city skyline;
  • Bradfield Park (under the Sydney Harbour Bridge) - a great hangout or picnic.


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Love Karen

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Karen is the creative founder and photographer of Let There Be Life Photo who loves capturing Sydney and creating happy memories of her hometown. She turns beautiful images into wall art prints for Sydney lovers. If you love this pic, check out more of her photos featuring Blues Point and McMahons Point, Kirribilli and Lavender Bay in Sydney.

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