Live Art Installations around Sydney

During April, there has been plentiful live art installations around Sydney, particularly in Chatswood and Barangaroo. I will be featuring my photos I captured from these events which aim to capture the fun and excitement. What I love about each one of them is that they're all unique. No two are the same. 

Into the Woods at the Chatswood Concourse

Dates: 8 April - 26 April 2022

Cost: Free

The Chatswood Concourse (located near Westfield shopping mall) has been transformed from a mere concrete jungle to a woodland fantasy playground. At night, the larger-than-life mushrooms light up and everyone comes out to play.

Giant illuminated mushrooms at the Chatswood Concourse in Sydney for Into the Woods

I had great fun capturing those illuminated mushrooms from various angles because it makes the whole city come to life. Depending on where I was standing, I could see how it looks from a different view.

Giant lit-up mushrooms at the Chatswood Concourse, Sydney

Capturing the giant art installations from the top of the stairs shows how Chatswood is always a lively CBD in Sydney's north shore. 

Getting to the Chatswood Concourse

Walk a few minutes from the Chatswood Interchange via Victoria Ave past Chatswood Mall and you're at the Chatswood Concourse.

If you're coming by car, access the Chatswood Concourse carpark entrance via Archer St (near Chatswood Chase). Accessible car parking spaces also available along Endeavour and Spring St. 


Bloom at Barangaroo

Dates: 21 February - 30 April 2022

Cost: Free

As an art and nature-lover, I was super keen on checking out this pop up art garden in Sydney's CBD painted by artist Lisa King. After months of the covid lockdowns, I feel as if the city is aiming to rejuvenate and bring back life to an important part of Sydney where everyone worked, rested and played. Notice the floral-themed murals near the road crossing.

Bloom at Barangaroo in Sydney

As shown in my photos, I could see the city gradually entering into a new season after recovering from the effects of lockdown. 

Floral-themed murals on Two International Towers for Bloom in Barangaroo, Sydney

I couldn't help taking a closer look at the floral emblems featured on the windows of office buildings and nearby streets. I was fascinated with the amount of colour and detail. It reminds me of seeing the old botanical illustrations from centuries ago.

Floral illustrations on office windows in Barangaroo, Sydney

I found the vibrant colours and the level of detail in these floral murals very intriguing to look at. I feel as if I've landed in a garden city. 

Lisa King's floral illustrations for Bloom at Barangaroo in Sydney


Biennale of Sydney at The Cutaway in Barangaroo

Dates: 12 March - 13 June 2022

Cost: Free

Having previously attended the pop-up art installations at the previous Biennale, I was curious to check out the one at The Cutaway. With my fascination for lighting effects, I wanted to see and capture what effect the morning light would have on the old sandstone rock wall at The Cutaway. 

Water Ecosystem art installation at The Cutaway in Barangaroo for the Biennale, Sydney

Above: Installation Water Ecosystem by Ana Barboza and Rafael Freyre

By capturing this, I could feel as if there's light at the end of the tunnel after so much darkness before the sun comes up.The featured above artworks aim to feature the vital role of water in Peru's Lima which experiences extreme seasons of water scarcity and floods. The reed mats symbolises the wetlands in Lima.

I was also drawn to the bamboo-like wavy structure installed near the ceiling as shown below.

Cave Urban art installation for the Biennale at The Cutaway in Barangaroo, Sydney

Above: Installation Flow by Nici Long, Juan Pablo Pinto and Jed Long

While I found the installed artworks a bit abstract for my liking, I could appreciate how it gave The Cutaway a more natural look and feel to this place.

Getting to Barangaroo

Get off at Wynyard Station and walk to Barangaroo via the Wynyard Walk. Alternatively, you can alight from Barangaroo wharf where you'll find plentiful restaurants on Wulugul Walk.  

For car access, the car park entrance is via a tunnel off Towns Place which leads directly into The Cutaway. 


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