Roaming Gnomes in Chatswood, Sydney

See the 12 illuminated larger-than-life gnomes scattered around Chatswood CBD. Created by design team Amigo & Amigo, each gnome has its own unique personality and connected with different food cuisines. These gnomes are lit 24 hours a day. I thought it would be fun to show my six photos featuring the lit-up gnomes in Chatswood.

Dates: 6 May - 29 May 2022


Diego tours the Americas

Location: Chatswood Mall Lower, Victoria Ave

Diego specialises in the best of North, South and Central American food.

Diego tours the Americas gnomes around Chatswood, Sydney


Raphael's European Adventure

Location: Railway St, Chatswood Interchange along Victoria Ave

Raphael specialises in the delicious cuisine of Spain, France and Germany in Chatswood.

Raphael's European Adventure gnome in Chatswood, Sydney

Nino's European Trip

Location: Chatswood Place, 260 Victoria Ave

Nino is a lover of Meditteranean cuisine, especially Italy, Greece and Turkey.

Ninos Europe Trip gnome in Chatswood, Sydney

Tobi's South East China

Location: Chatswood Interchange, 436 Victoria Ave

Tobi is a lover of food from South East China, especially the dumplings and Sichuan chilli.

Tobi's South East China gnome in Chatswood, Sydney


Albert's Taiwan

Location: Mandarin Centre, 65 Albert Ave

As a lover of Taiwanese food, he wants to show his favourite Taiwanese restaurants in Chatswood. 

Albert arrives from Taiwan gnome in Chatswood, Sydney


What I like about this event is that there's something for everyone. Every culture is celebrated through food and fun.

Check out the details here about the Roaming Gnomes


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Love Karen


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