Street Art Walk in Redfern, Sydney

The Redfern community is well-renowned for its graffiti walls and murals that display the strong sense of Indigenous community and political messages. Whatever your political leanings are, Redfern's Indigenous Art and graffitied walls on commercial buildings and residential blocks are certainly eye-catching. Street art in this inner-city suburb tells the stories of the people who own this land in Redfern which shaped what it is today. It also shows stories of people who want to make the world a better place by displaying their art in public spaces.

Below is a selection of art which I captured because I found it thought-provoking.

Tony loves Tony

Location: Corner of Pitt and Redfern St

This piece was painted in 2017 just before the same-sex marriage plebiscite when politician Tony Abbott argued against. Majority of Australians voted yes for same-sex marriage and it was legalised. Notice Marsh's signature Australian flora artwork in the bouquet and the rainbow tie on Tony.

Tony loves Tony mural by Scottie Marsh

Above: Tony loves Tony mural outside Quirk's cafe.


Domicron Perrottet

Location: 28 Pitt St, Redfern 

Scottie added this mural in early January 2022 featuring NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet. Perrottet has been criticised for his handling of the COVID-19 epidemic with the high case numbers. Many people saw that he'd rather "Let it rip" despite not saying so explicitly. 

Domicron Perrottet mural by Scottie Marsh

Above: Domicron Perrottet mural outside building in laneway near Pitt St


Kid Laroi 

Location: Chapel Lane off Regent St

Scottie painted this in July 2020 when Australian musical artist Kid Laroi released his mixtape "F*ck Love" debuted at 8th in the Billboard 200. Kid Laroi grew up in Redfern. His last name shows his indigenous heritage, as his mum is Kamilaroi. 


Kid Laroi mural by Scottie Marsh in Redfern, Sydney

Above: Kid Laroi mural in Chapel Lane, Redfern


Ball Tamperer

Location: Walk down Cleveland St until opposite Wiley St down Vine Lane between two brick buildings

This piece features Australia's most senior Catholic George Pell wearing Australian cricket gear. He wears a cross and rubs a cricket ball with sandpaper. This was painted when there was the Australian cricket team's ball-tampering scandal and George Pell's conviction for child abuse (which was later overturned).

Ball Tamperer mural by Scottie Marsh

Above: Ball Tamperer mural featuring George Pell


Aboriginal-themed street art

With the prominence of the Australian Indigenous community in Redfern, you can't miss the number of public artworks with a native Australian theme as shown below.

Greg Inglis Rabbitohs mural

Location: Corner of Cleveland and Woodland St

The mural of Greg Inglis was painted by aerosol artist Sid Tapia which embraces the role of Indigenous sports people in Australia. Greg Inglis an Aboriginal Australian rugby league player who played for the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Greg Inglis mural by Sid Tapia in Chippendale, Sydney

Above: Greg Inglis mural by Sid Tapia in Chippendale, Sydney


40,000 years mural 

Location: Lawson St opposite entrance of Redfern train station

Aboriginality lives in Redfern. Artist Carol Ruff played a key role in planning, designing and painting the 40,000 years mural in 1983. The mural features aspects of traditional Aboriginal culture, including spear-hunting, fishing and boats. Then it features images portraying the consequences of the arrival of the Europeans, including Aboriginal figures dying. The boomerang shown below marks present-day Redfern as a symbol of Aboriginal perseverance. 

40000 years mural on Lawson St in Redfern

The 1983 Redfern All Black football team is also featured as part of the 40,000 years mural. 

1983 Redfern All Blacks featured on the 40,000 years mural in Lawson St outside Redfern train station


Renwick St mural

This mural painted by Indigenous Australian artist Danny Eastwood sits outside the Tin Humpy cafe located in Redfern St. This mural features a bush scene with traditional figures, black cockatoos, kangaroos and eucalyptus.

Renwick St mural by Danny Edwards in Redfern, Sydney

Above: Renwick St mural near the Tin Humpy cafe in Redfern 

Check out the popular Tin Humpty cafe which is known for its great coffee, strawberry and bush lime jam, wattle-seed brownies and lemon myrtle cheesecake. 


Aboriginal mural

Location: near 4 Cope St at the back of Jack Floyd Reserve

This vibrant-looking mural certainly shows that Redfern is known to locals as the 'Black capital of Australia' where many Indigenous Australians choose to live. Lots of Aboriginal Australians from the country moved to Redfern due to plentiful work opportunities at the Eveleigh railyards. 

Aboriginal mural near Cope St behind Jack Lloyd Reserve in Redfern, Sydney


Getting to Redfern

Best way to travel to Redfern is by train. All trains stop at Redfern train station. 

Redfern Train Station in Sydney



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