Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th anniversary party

See Sydney come alive in celebration of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th anniversary. 

Australia's most iconic landmark opened to the public on 19 March 1932. It was John Bradfield who envisioned Sydney's most famous landmark. He believed that the bridge should enable people to cross the harbour, as well as help communities to connect and boost the economy. This bridge is also known as 'The Coathanger' because of its arch-based design that carries pedestrians, buses, trains and cars across the harbour. It was added to the NSW Heritage Register in June 1999 and the Australian National Heritage List on 19 March 2007.

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Paper boy standing outside the old Sydney buses for the Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th anniversary

This has to be one of my favourite shots from the day because it captures the paper boy in action. I love how he's standing in front of the old Sydney buses outside Milsons Point station because it sets the scene. I feel as if I'm going back in time via a time machine.


Paper boy at Milsons Point station holding newspaper for the Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th anniversary

I find this photo more animated with the paper boy holding up today's newspaper featuring a screaming headline on today's 90th anniversary celebration of Australia's most famous icon. Pretty cool to have the bridge in the background too.


Old Sydney blue buses stopping outside Milsons Point station for the Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th anniversary

I vaguely remember seeing those buses around as a kid growing up in the 90s. Interestingly, these buses were built during the late 60s. They kept operating until the late 90s. I felt as if I was going back to my high schools years when I used to see them go around the city. It's wonderful to see people ride on them on a special day like today, as shown in the photo below.


And who remembers riding on those green and yellow buses which operated during the 70s?

Yellow and green vintage Sydney buses outside Milsons Point station for the Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th anniversary

I was also keen to capture those iconic Sydney buses and ferries with the Harbour Bridge in the background. 


Old Sydney ferry riding underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge towards Milsons Point wharf

Above: Old Sydney ferry riding through Sydney Harbour on the 90th anniversary of the Harbour Bridge.

Seeing these red ferries was somewhat of a novelty for me because I've never seen them in that colour until today. They date back to the 1950s. It's lovely to see the red stand out on a cloudy morning. I was used to seeing them in yellow, green and white.

 Vintage Sydney bus stopping outside Milsons Point wharf for the Sydney Harbour Bridge 90th anniversary celebrations

Having seen those vintage buses on Instagram has sparked my interest in seeing them for myself on a special day like this. There's something about this particular bus that attracts my attention. I think it's because none of the bus signs are digitalised. Secondly, I thought the round corners of these buses looked pretty cool. Reminds of those rounded corners of my old photo prints from the 70s and 80s. 


Best cafes in Milsons Point, Sydney

BTB Kirribilli

2 Ennis Rd, Milsons Point

A popular local cafe located under the Sydney Harbour Bridge right next to Milsons Point station. Crowded on weekends, especially for breakfast and brunch. 

Side Part cafe

20-24 Alfred St, Milsons Point

Known for their home-made baked treats, lovely sandwiches and coffee. A 3-minute walk from Luna Park, Sydney.


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