Top Things To Do On Australia Day 2022 in Sydney

Sydney Harbour is the place to be on a national public holiday like Australia Day. I understand that it's a day that may cause angst for some people. For me personally, it's a day where I can respect and reflect on what it means to be an Australian. Secondly, it's also a day where i can enjoy some of my favourite festivities around Sydney Harbour, including the Sydney Harbour splash at Woollahra Sailing Club and the Ferrython. 


Sydney Harbour splash

Since I love swimming, I was keen to check out this event at the Woollahra Sailing Club where participants can choose to complete the 1km, 2.5km or 5km swim for a charitable cause.

Swimmers at the Woollahra Sailing Club during the Sydney Harbour Splash on Australia Day 2022

I loved seeing people dive into Sydney Harbour at Rose Bay and enjoy themselves being surrounded by sailing boats. It was great fun seeing some of the swimmers dressed in their colourful swimming costumes. 


Australia Day Ferrython

This popular ocean event also happens to be the most iconic free events. Since it's one of my favourite events, I didn't want to miss out on seeing those ferries dressed in their colourful fanfare sailing through Sydney Harbour. Interestingly, the Ferrython has been held on Australia Day on since 1977. 

Sydney Ferries sailing through Sydney Harbour for the Ferrython on Australia Day

I captured these ferries making their way to the starting line. I happened to be standing near Luna Park, Sydney. I was so happy to have photographed these iconic ferries with the Sydney Harbour Bridge featured because it makes this image scream Sydney. I enjoy capturing Sydney's icons from different angles. 

I also captured the Sydney Ferries sailing past the Sydney Opera House. I loved seeing the yellow and green ferries featured against the blue skies. 

Sydney Ferries sailing past the Sydney Opera House for the Ferrython on Australia Day

I captured this while standing on the boardwalk near Luna Park, Sydney. If I had more time, I would have loved to have been standing on the bridge seeing the ferries racing to the finishing line. 

The Rocks, Sydney

 While walking around The Rocks, Sydney on Australia Day, I found myself taking note of our colonial history by photographing the heritage-listed roadway Argyle Cut located on Argyle St as shown below.

Argyle Cut on Argyle St at The Rocks, Sydney

The Argyle Cut is a deep rock cutting built by the convicts that connects between Millers Point and The Rocks. It is covered by the Cumberland St bridge and the Bradfield Highway. 

I also noticed the amount of detail shown on the archways which forms a part of the Bridge Stairs along Cumberland St.

The Bridge Stairs on Cumberland St

I loved seeing the striking shadow cutting across the sandstone walls and rock formations.

I also enjoyed walking around The Rocks when it's less busy now than pre-covid Australia Day, as shown in the image below.

Circular Quay West at The Rocks, Sydney

I loved capturing the palm trees with the modern-style architecture and skyscrapers against the blue skies.


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