Where to experience French culture in Sydney

Enjoy the French-inspired winter delights in Sydney. The French have returned to Customs House to celebrate Bastille Day with Sydneysiders. Everyone can enjoy the 4-day festival celebrating French wine, food and culture. Best of all, it's FREE entry. If you love or curious about French food, check out the Parisian Village outside Customs House which sells French street food, including crepes, saucisson, baguettes, soups and more.


Dates: Thurs 14 July - Sun 17 July 2022.

Location: Customs House at 31 Alfred St, Sydney.

Getting There: Get off at Circular Quay ferry wharf, train station or light rail stop. 


To get a French feel, check out some of my photos I captured from the festival which I'm sure will inspire you to have a taste of French culture.

Parisian Village during the Bastille Festival in Sydney, Australia

I feel this photo captures the spirit of the festival because everyone in this image seems to be enjoying the delicious French street food. That is, especially with the blur motion featured in the image above. From my observation, I could tell that it's a novelty for them, especially during this winter season. Everyone was enthusiastically lining up and savouring their appetite for French delights. 

People sitting outside Customs House during the Bastille Festival in Sydney

Somehow this image gives away a more European feel. I believe the winter clothes that people are wearing in this image create that sort of feeling. Secondly, the night lights shining on the heritage-style architecture and people sitting on the stairs also create that sense of people enjoying themselves, despite the difficult times we are experiencing. 


Parisian Village during the Bastille Festival near Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia

What I love about this image is the bright pink and yellow lights illuminating on the heritage-style architecture. The bare-looking tree creates a winter and cosy feel to this photo. I believe number of food stall marquees and people in this image gives people a sense of wanting to go out, even if it's cool outside. 


Salsa dancing outside Customs House in Sydney during the Bastille Festival 

And I couldn't resist seeing some salsa dancing with the lively music playing. Even though it caught me by surprise seeing the salsa on a French themed event, I thoroughly enjoyed capturing the blur motion of these dancers. I think it created a sense of fun and enjoyment. 


Brazilian Samba dancers outside Customs House in Sydney, Australia

Most of all, I really enjoyed watching the Brazilian dances. With the music playing, I felt like moving to the beat. The dance costumes were stunning too. I admit that I stood in my spot for a while to capture these girls showing off their Brazilian samba moves. Very entertaining. 


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