About Me

After returning from my epic overseas trip, I discovered and appreciated how beautiful my birth city is. I decided to exercise my passion for my beloved harbour city by capturing and creating happy memories of Sydney. I wanted to make my work more accessible by turning my images into stunning photo prints as wall art for homes and office spaces. I was keen to stand out from the crowd by adding a colourful and unique touch to my work that would please visitors and their loved ones.

Photo of Sydney photographer Karen Au Yeung from Life Photo


How did I get started in photography?

After seeing my cousin's Nikon SLR, I asked him about his passion. He told me he was taking photography classes. As a result, I decided to explore photography. My first camera was the Canon Powershot. Then I went onto using the Canon 500d which was my first Digital SLR. And then I found myself using film after trying to get my Digital SLR repaired in a second-hand camera shop. I loved film because I had to take greater care in my composition, rather than shoot several images and hope one of them would turn out the best. I'm now currently shooting with my Canon 5d Mark II. 

Photographer Karen Au Yeung from Life Photo


Did I do any courses?

When I first started out, I did community college courses in photography. I've also completed short courses at the Australian Centre for Photography (no longer operating) in Sydney. As I went out and photographed more, I found myself learning from other people. I was fascinated with their techniques and the tools they used to create such beautiful images. I learnt to create beautiful images from trial and error. 


My camera gear

I currently shoot with my Canon 5d Mark II, alongside with a wide-angle and zoom lens. When out shooting on a bright sunny day, I use a circular polarising filter to reduce the flares and reflections to increase colour saturation. For shooting sunrises and sunsets, I use a square orange filter to make the colours look warmer. Having shot on film, I used a Canon 500N and Kodak Ektar 35mm film.  

Camera equipment used by Karen Au Yeung from Life Photo


Why do I love capturing Sydney?

What's there not to love about Sydney? As a Sydney native, this beautiful Australian city has so much to offer, including Sydney Harbour and the stunning beaches. Never gets old. 


Happy viewing.


Love Karen (Founder of Life Photo)